Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainy Day at the Museum

by Enaam Alnaggar

Today was a lighter day in terms of physical work. During the first half of the day, the other volunteers and I moved some artwork out of the vault for photographing. Jasmine reviewed the process of setting up wall hooks again, which was helpful, because she clarified a couple of important things for me, such as how to do the measurements properly. It was a good way to refresh my memory. My least favorite task of the day was hanging the artwork on the wall hooks. I was a little worried that the hanging wire wouldn’t catch onto the hook and I’d drop the artwork, but fortunately, all went well. Things were a little quiet in between photo shoots, so I took a couple of new pictures for our Flickr page.

Later, Peter took a few interns with him to set up an art installation at a corporate site downtown. While he was away, Barbara, Sarah, and I worked on getting the blog up and running. If you take a look at the side bar, you’ll notice links to our individual biographies and our Flickr page, which will be updated with new pictures regularly, so be sure to check back!

When the others returned, we took care of a few more things and headed out. It was a bit of a slower day than last week, but I’ll put the blame on the gloomy weather and the huge downpour we had around noon. Rain always makes people a little sleepy, right?

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