About Us

Enaam Alnaggar


I'm a senior majoring in Creative Writing at the University of South Florida. Though I consider myself primarily a fiction writer, I enjoy poetry just as equally and often try to combine the two in my writing. Prior to joining the Museum at Work blog team, I had a brief stint as a writer for The Oracle, USF's campus newspaper, and I will be entering my second year as co-editor of thread, an undergraduate literary journal operating under the English department. In addition to writing and literature, I have a strong interest in the Arts and museum/gallery work, a curiosity sparked when I stumbled upon the gorgeous paintings of Johannes Vermeer during my freshman year of college. The opportunity to volunteer at CAM has been absolutely brilliant and is an experience that I greatly appreciate. I hope to both learn a great deal from my time at CAM and be a helpful volunteer.

Please have a look around the blog, the Museum at Work webpage, and our Flickr page. And do stop by and visit the exhibit if you're in the area.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

Barbara Cardinale


As a recent USF graduate of a Master of Arts in Library and Information Science, I aspire to be a professional archivist in a museum. This is why I am also working on a Museum Studies Certificate; I am extremely interested in gleaning as much knowledge about the museum world in order to apply it to my life's goal. Last semester I interned at Graphicstudio, and this semester I am involved in the Museum at Work exhibition project at CAM. During my experiences, I focus my studies on comparing museum and atelier registrars with that of the library archivist. I currently work as a Student Assistant of the University Archives in the Special and Digital Collections Department of the USF Tampa Library. In my spare time, I enjoy writing of all sorts, collecting and reading an eclectic array of books, listening and recording music, and engaging in American Studies theories as they relate to visual contemporary artists.

Sarah Crocker


Currently, I'm a senior double-majoring in Anthropology and English Literature. Volunteering at CAM might seem a little out of place for me at first, but it fits right in with my interests in art, history, anthropology, preservation, and particularly my fascination with any type of museum work. Hopefully, I'll graduate in a year, engage in copious amounts of grad school, and eventually land a job as a curator. Besides the nuts-and-bolts aspects of this program, I'm especially interested in how museum guests are going to react to this exhibition; it's definitely a unique opportunity to see how staff care for and document the pieces in a collection.

Marysia Lopez

Coming soon...

Ashley Rand


My name is Ashley Rand and currently a senior at USF, majoring in studio art. I plan on graduating in December 2009, with my BFA concentration in photography. The reason why I chose to do my directed study at the CAM is because I plan on one day working in an art gallery. I felt this hands on experience with behind the scenes was perfect, as thus so far its more than I anticipated.

Katia Setti


I am currently a senior at the University of South Florida, working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. I try to take on projects and stay involved in anything relating to art, from teaching art, to illustrating books, to showing in galleries, to creating commissions, to being part of art organizations. Until recently, I was President of the Fine Arts Club at USF. The one certainty I have is the knowledge that I will continue to be involved in art throughout my life. I hope to open my own gallery in the future, and by volunteering for the Museum at Work project I will surely learn helpful insights in doing so. I also hope to learn more about CAM's extensive art collection.