Friday, June 26, 2009


by Ashley Rand

Museum at Work this week was a little more laid back than usual. On Monday, WUSF news came in and did a brief interview with Peter. During the interview, we had some visitors walking through the exhibit with questions regarding the project; perfect opportunity for us to let the public know what we were up to this summer. While Peter was being interviewed, Shannon and all of us interns were getting the paper work and art work set up for the day's shooting. This entails us taking measurements of the work, getting the line up ready, and placing hangers on the wall. The interview slightly took away from our normal photographing routine in the morning, however, after we took a break for lunch, we managed to come back and get the days work done and put away before 5:00 PM. Starting next week we will begin to photograph unframed prints. It will be interesting to see how we set up for this kind of work. I'm sure the first day will be a little rough with getting the lights situated, but by the second day we should have a routine down. As of last Wednesday, we had more than 300 pieces of work photographed; this means the Museum at Work project is making great progress.

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