Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blogging Hurdles

by Barbara Cardinale

I spent the entirety of week three working on the blog, as Peter, Shannon, fellow bloggers, and I were eager to go live. There were some humps I had to hurdle over, such as deciding exactly how much I was to edit the blogs, since it related to what type of content we were anticipating to post. Yet, there was no reason to turn mountains into mole hills, as I met with Peter and fellow bloggers to discuss what exactly we all had in mind for our posts. I uploaded bloggers' biographies, and Sarah helped me figure out how to link each biography to the right side bar of this page. We also added a link to Enaam's flickr account. Additionally, I uploaded a photograph of CAM taken by Peter as our trademark for the blog. Lastly, Sarah, Enaam and I looked over the first posts one last time and, presto; we were in business!

Now that the technicalities of the blog have been resolved, I hope to spend more of next week engaging in the initial exhibition project. Until then...

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