Blogger Bio 2 - Barbara Cardinale

As a recent USF graduate of a Master of Arts in Library and Information Science, I aspire to be a professional archivist in a museum.  This is why I am also working on a Museum Studies Certificate; I am extremely interested in gleaning as much knowledge about the museum world in order to apply it to my life's goal.  Last semester I interned at Graphicstudio, and this semester I am involved in the Museum at Work exhibition project at CAM.  During my experiences, I focus my studies on comparing museum and atelier registrars with that of the library archivist.  I currently work as a Student Assistant of the University Archives in the Special and Digital Collections Department of the USF Tampa Library.  In my spare time, I enjoy writing of all sorts, collecting and reading an eclectic array of books, listening and recording music, and engaging in American Studies theories as they relate to visual contemporary artists.