Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blogger Bio 1 - Enaam Alnaggar

I'm a senior majoring in Creative Writing at the University of South Florida. Though I consider myself primarily a fiction writer, I enjoy poetry just as equally and often try to combine the two in my writing. Prior to joining the Museum at Work blog team, I had a brief stint as a writer for The Oracle, USF's campus newspaper, and I will be entering my second year as co-editor of thread, an undergraduate literary journal operating under the English department. In addition to writing and literature, I have a strong interest in the Arts and museum/gallery work, a curiosity sparked when I stumbled upon the gorgeous paintings of Johannes Vermeer during my freshman year of college. The opportunity to volunteer at CAM has been absolutely brilliant and is an experience that I greatly appreciate. I hope to both learn a great deal from my time at CAM and be a helpful volunteer.

Please have a look around the blog, the Museum at Work webpage, and our Flickr page. And do stop by and visit the exhibit if you're in the area.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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