Friday, June 26, 2009

Bringing Art to You

by Enaam Alnaggar 

This week, we moved some medium-sized framed works. These were among the last few framed works to be photographed, as we would be moving on to cataloging other kinds of artwork in the next week. The pieces that interested me the most were those included in the “Art in the News” series. This series contains 12 works, each created by a different artist for the newspaper medium. Each piece was released in The Tampa Tribune once a month from January to December. A year-long exhibit showcasing these pieces was held at CAM throughout 1999. All of the works were very interesting and thought-provoking, but my favorites include those by Mariko Mori (who studied at Bunka Fashion College!), William Wegman, and Allan McCollum. I think that the “Art in the News” series was a great way of bringing art out of the museum and, literally, to the mainstream’s doorstep, coffee table, and office desk, hopefully generating a great deal of interest in contemporary art.

For more information on the “Art in the News” exhibit and to see small images of the works, please visit:

The page includes short bios of each artist and links where you can find even more information.  

Here is a link to a Youtube video of Mori's 2007 exhibit at the Groninger Museum:

You can probably very easily find other info and lists of each artist’s works in Wikipedia, as well. Plugging an artist’s name into Google Images will bring up tons of images of their works and often links to articles, interviews, and even blog posts reviewing that artist’s career. I encourage you to explore!

New photos have been uploaded to the Flickr account, so be sure to check them out. In our new layout, our Flickr account can be accessed from the “Photos” link, located in the top navigation bar. Clicking “Press” will take you to a recent article published in a local newspaper about the Museum at Work exhibit.

See you next week and thanks for reading!

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