Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fan-girl Like Excitement

by Jasmine Rippy


Starting to feel confident in our abilities since we are given room to perform more independently. Also getting to know the vault more intimately as I know what goes where.




Photographed The New York Collection for Stockholm!! Serra, Nam June Paik, SOL LeWitt, and Lichtenstein; it was amazing. Though they were small works, and the photographing went pretty quick, they were all about the same size and therefore the hanging set up didn’t need changing between.  I was able to get some sketching done in between shots of some of the work. There were definitely some works I would like to revisit once the cataloguing is done. Even more impressive to me, than being able to sketch from some of these works, has to be the fangirl-like excitement I get from holding in my hands a work made by my creative idols and hanging it on the wall. Yes, I am a dork like that!




Pretty uneventful for me today, as I came in late and missed all the photographing. Just shows how important it is in your intern experience to be there, available and willing, even if there isn’t something happening at the moment because something will eventually. And if you aren’t there to experience it, you just miss out. In the end, it’s not about the grade; it’s not about a degree requirement; it’s not about the institution getting slave labor; it’s all about what YOU are able to get out of it. 

We did have some oddball pieces this week to photograph though, so I did learn some nifty tricks from Peter about dealing with transparent and reflective works.

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