Thursday, June 18, 2009

Must Remember Sketch Book

by Jasmine Rippy




First day of week two I am holding a Chuck Close and multiple Robert Rauschenberg’s…. not at the same time of course. I wonder how many more days will start like this – I love this job!




Being exposed to so many inspiring works of art on a daily basis overwhelms me at times, and I find myself wishing for a studio break during the day. I had to be reminded to move away from in front of the work after it had been hung so it could be photographed – I just stood there, staring….




More on multiples: Verdea Chryssa, untitled from Chinatown Portfolio. Imagery of Chinese characters over and over – I enjoyed these, I have had the concepts of multiples, repetition, and habit swimming in my head recently - must remember to bring sketchbook with me to the museum.

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