Friday, July 24, 2009

Prints in Person

by Ashley Rand

As Museum at Work is coming to an end I find myself wanting to learn as much as possible. It was quiet in the work area on Monday. Peter and I managed to get the day's work done in a timely fashion with our assembly line in order. Peter would take the print and photograph the image while I would simply document and keep track of the day's work. It was quiet also due to the fact that the Sixty Minutes show is currently down and people may just think our half is done as well, but we'll still be going on another week, so please stop by. Other than that, my highlight of the week was seeing actual William Eggelston's prints in person. I was so excited to be able to get up close and examine his work, but when I had the chance to see the prints I was a little taken back. Being an admirer of his work, the prints which we were photographing are nothing what I expected. This doesn't mean they weren't awesome shots; the subject matter in my opinion was not that interesting in most prints. When envisioning Eggelston's prints I hoped to see vibrant colors and scenes with torn windows or people simple yet complicated, not just up close flowers. However, it was still amazing to say I had the opportunity to see his work in person. With only one week left to the show, I am pretty much satisfied with how everything has turned out with my experience. I feel like as a group we accomplished what was expected, if not more. I know in my experience I learned a lot of rules to live by in a museum world.

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